Exploring new horizons, bringing people together and sharing unique memories: the travel of tomorrow has yet to emerge.

We build the future of travel.


We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs and travel experts determined to reinvent the traveler experience to make it seamless, enriched and more accessible.


That’s why we created BigBlank: a launch pad for entrepreneurs determined to drastically redesign the travel experience.


We create startups from a blank slate

Our mission is to reinvent travel, mobility and logistics – one startup at a time.


We start by scouting and selecting exceptional opportunities for innovation – and then transforming them into projects. Next, by working hand in hand with entrepreneurs, we build the teams that will bring each project to fruition through a 12 to 18-month program, extending from the ideation and prototyping phases, all the way to the market.


We empower impact-driven entrepreneurs


First of all, as a start up studio, we are committed to investing in seed funding – up to €800k over the program – for all the projects we launch with entrepreneurs.


To ensure their successful growth and development, these projects can count on the support of the studio’s vast range of talent: designers, developers, business analysts, product managers, and more.


We also put our personal entrepreneurial experience and unparalleled travel expertise, as well as our mentor community with an unparalleled track record in entrepreneurship, to work for the success of these projects.


Last but not least, projects benefit from a wide range of unfair assets from the Air France-KLM group, which supports BigBlank. These assets include access to the group’s expertise, technologies, and customer insights.